Japanese Invasion: Yukigassen Moving to Alaska!

May 30, 2011 by Editor

From February 25 through March 8, the winter streets of Anchorage will come alive during the annual Fur Rendezvous. Over the 76-year history of the celebration, unique events have been added to the traditions of the Fur “Rondy”—snowshoe softball, the running of the reindeer, World Champion Dog Weight Pull, outhouse races and more.

A new event added for 2011 was the first official Yukigassen in the U.S.

The “snow battle” invented over 20 years ago in Sobetsu, Japan, has finally made its way to North America and debuted in Anchorage during the final weekend of the 2011 “Rondy”.

Yukigassen is a highly structured snowball fight tournament. Two teams of seven players pelt each other madly on a rectangular court punctuated with shelters and a flag tower for each team. Certified officials oversee each match, consisting of three periods of three minutes each. A team wins by either capturing their opponent’s flag or hitting all of their opponents with snowballs. Spectators watch the chaos in wonder.

Since its origination to boost winter tourism, Yukigassen has developed zealous participation in Japan and annual championships in Finland, Norway, Australia, Holland and Sweden (which held its first in 2010). Edmonton will host the first Canadian tournament in March.

Anchorage’s Fur “Rondy” was established to coincide with the time miners and trappers brought their winter yield into town. What would those old sourdoughs think of a Japanese-style snowball fight?

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