1. Tips on Planning a Move to Alaska or a Move from Alaska

    September 27, 2011 by Editor

    alaska-move-moving-alcan-highwayWhen planning a move from Alaska or to Alaska, there are many things to keep in mind. While packing, selecting the right moving company, and figuring out how to ship your items are all standard elements of any move, there is a little bit more effort required to make your move from Alaska to the lower 48 or vice versa successful. In this guide, we will provide you with tips on planning this move and what you can do to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

    Time Management

    One of the biggest ways to be successful in planning any sort of move is the utilization of effective time management. You need to give yourself time to choose a new property in Alaska or in the new community you plan to move to, but you also need time to make a budget of all the expenses that will be involved in your move. Sit down and calculate the cost of gas on the way to and from your destination, how much the moving and shipping costs are, and a variety of other elements. Since you are traveling mostly on the highway, there shouldn’t be too many shipping costs to contend with unless you are moving into or out of a community that is not vehicle accessible.

    Pack Early

    Ideally, it may be a wise idea to start packing anywhere from a month to two weeks before you scheduled move date. This way, you can be certain that all your boxes are packed, and if you forgot to pack something, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to find a box to put it in. Obviously, leave out the bare essentials until the very end, and make sure that if you pack your valuables, you instruct your moving company on how to handle that box, or just move those across yourself.

    Enlist A Moving Company

    You may need to get help from a moving company while you are making move from Alaska or to it. No matter what you are trying to do, Hi-Line Moving Services may be able to help you. They specialize in helping people move away from the Alaska area down to the lower 48 or from the lower states up to Alaska. No matter which of these you are trying to do, you will find that the moving company’s employees are more than eager to help you make your move smoothly.


    When traveling on the highway, you need to be aware of the traffic conditions, so it is a good idea to research as much about the traffic to and from Alaska ahead of time. Also, plan for making a few bathroom or food stops along the way as necessary. These can add time to your trip, so it is a good idea to plan ahead in this instance too. Always be prepared for the unexpected so you don’t get too delayed.

    Hopefully these Move from Alaska or move to Alaska tips help your move succeed.

    (photo credit: John Lillis)

  2. Alaskan Moving Checklist: Relocating to Alaska

    September 13, 2011 by Editor

    moving-alaskaWhether you are trying to make a move from Alaska to the lower 48 or the other way around, there is a specific checklist that you should follow when packing. In turn, there are a few moving services to consider that will help make the move run more smoothly. In this guide, we will explore the items you should bring with you and how the moving services can help make your move to Alaska or to it a more pleasurable experience.

    Of course, you are most likely going to be moving along the highway, taking a truck, and for this reason, you should consider moving with Hi-Line Moving Services. They help people all across the United States make their move from Alaska to the lower 48 and vice versa.  Some communities cannot be reached by highway access, so you may need to ship some of your goods first to a place that you can get to by highway, like Fairbanks or Anchorage.  Then the movers can get your goods on the road again and headed to your destination.

    Here is a checklist of some of the items to bring with you as you make your move into Alaska or out of it:

    Valuable Items- You definitely want to make sure to bring your items of value with you. This includes your wallet, cell phone, any credit or debit cards you may have, professional certificates, computers and electronics, etc. You can bring these over yourself or have the movers ship them over.

    Car- Getting your car shipped over to Alaska or from Alaska is one of the smartest things you can do. Moving costs money, and if you want to save a little extra money when you get to your new home, you should continue to drive the car you already have.

    Animals- If you have any animals as pets, don’t leave them behind! If you can bring your dogs or cats with you, that is great. If you have larger animals, you may need to make accommodations for them ahead of time.

    Bare Necessities- Of course, you will also need money, clothes, and food when you move, so bring enough of these essential items with you so that you don’t need to buy more as you make your move, or even afterwards.

    When deciding to move from Alaska to the lower 48 or from the lower states to Alaska, you need to have a good plan in mind for how you are going to move your goods. Obviously, highway travel is the best option, but you can only go so far on the road. Make sure you know where to ship the goods that cannot be transported on the highway, and go with reliable movers, like Hi-Line Moving Services. They won’t steer you wrong. Bring along the most essential items when you move, and make sure you notify the movers about what sort of items are being moved. This way, you run less of a risk of loss or theft.

    (photo credit: Travis S.)

  3. Three Important Home Relocation Tips for the Entire Family

    August 30, 2011 by Editor

    Packing and MovingPreparing to relocate to a new town brings about a mix of emotions. You may feel excited about the new adventure awaiting you and your family in your new location or ready to take on the challenges of a new job. But relocation also comes with stress for the whole family. Change, even change for the better, takes a toll on everyone. Use these top three relocation tips to make your move to a new city smoother and as stress free as possible.

    1. Say Goodbye

    When you get ready to pick up roots and relocate to a new town, make sure you honor the life you have built in your current home. Give everyone in the family time to say goodbye to the people and places they have come to love. Taking day trips to parks, natural areas or the local pool to enjoy the spot for one last time allows you and especially your children to leave with recent fond memories of a favorite place. Make plans to have special meals at restaurants you frequent or buy a favorite local treat. You may even want to consider throwing a party. This gives both mom and dad and the kids time to spend with friends and marks a moment in time when everyone was able to say goodbye.

    2. Give Yourself a Break

    As you go about the time consuming and stressful process of packing, moving and transferring your life to a new place, make sure to give yourself a break. This means stepping away from the duties of relocating to take the kids to the park or to treat yourself to your favorite latte every now and then. Your to-do list will still be there when you get back from an hour on the playground and both you and the kids will be refreshed from the time away. Also consider making a long term to-do list and then schedule just a handful of tasks each day. If you finish early, don’t move on to the next task, take a break and relax.

    3. Ask for Help

    People embarking on a move often hear  they should ask for help. And it’s one of the hardest relocation tips to follow. But asking for help will greatly ease your stress. Asking friends and family members lets them feel as though they’re contributing and could mean some extra quality time before you leave. You should also consider talking with relocation professionals who have a proven track record of relocating families, especially if you are moving a considerable distance. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel during your relocation. A moving company specializing in relocations can probably save you time, money and stress because they have done it all before.

    Relocating is never easy even when the reason behind the relocation is positive. Use these relocation tips to make your move easier on the whole family.

    (photo credit: Chris Enns)