1. Wildlife Defense During Alaskan Winter Dark

    April 29, 2011 by Editor

    On a January day, Fairbanks sees only about four hours of daylight. During the long hours of dark, Hi-Line’s drivers moving household goods to Alaska “on the north road” run a greater risk of encounters with large mammals. An adult moose can weigh 1,200 lbs. and a bison averages about a ton.

    “Although temperatures don’t get much colder than we see in Montana, North Dakota or Minnesota, it is still a factor to be managed,” says David Vaughan, Operations Manager at Hi-Line Moving Services, regarding the Alaska moving services division.

    Hi-Line Moving has drivers on the highway shipping household goods to and from Alaska every day of the year. The company takes extra precautions to protect the safety of their drivers and their customers’ valuable shipments.

    A “moose bumper” prevents damage to the front of the truck in case of a collision. The bumper guard is constructed of 4-inch heavy gage aluminum tubes. Four to six additional headlamps are mounted on it. When allowable, the extra beams are used to light up the road and roadside ditches as much as 100 yards ahead.