Breaking Ice in Alaska?

May 3, 2013 by Editor

In the northernmost parts of our country, this time of the year is often referred to as the “spring thaw”.  There is also talk about ice breakers clearing passageways on the waterways way, way up north in Alaska.  Well, here at Hi-line Moving Services where you can find us regularly moving good people and their possessions, a large contingency of our staff and crew took part in an Ice Breaker of our own.  We are headquartered in beautiful Great Falls, Montana – right at the beginning of the ALCAN Highway where the journey for those moving to or from Alaska will pass.  Every year, our fair city celebrates the coming of spring with the running of the Ice Breaker Road Race.  We extend a hearty congratulations to the 18 members of our staff and crew that participated in this year’s 34th annual running of the Ice Breaker.  They are:

  • Calvin Gilbert
  • Patrick Broadhurst
  • William Broadhurst
  • Deanna Fleming
  • Brittney Sack
  • Bill Young
  • Elise Halloran
  • Debi Davis
  • Bernadette Parisian
  • Jose Cuntapay
  • Kathy Dixon
  • Betty Kraft
  • Nancy Flannery
  • Linda Vilcek
  • Connie Van De Bogart
  • Bob Davis
  • Jeff Krantwashl
  • Jeff Krantwashl, Jr.

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